Idaho Jersey Girls Dairy

Upon the completion of their dairy facility in 2015, Millenkamp finished phase one of a five-year, 40,000-head dairy development plan. Focusing on Jersey and Jersey crossbreeds, Idaho Jersey Girls Dairy produces approximately one million pounds of milk every day.

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Calf Ranch

The calf ranch is made up of several hundred acres, takes in 250 calves a day, and is home to approximately 50,000 calves. Their exponential growth, supported by their “work hard, work smart” philosophy and dedication to their animals and employees, is why Millenkamp is considered one of the premier calf ranches in the United States.


A first-time visitor once remarked to Bill about the impeccable cleanliness and order at the calf ranch. Bill responded by saying, “This calf ranch is a nursery. We are raising babies; it simply cannot be done right any other way.”


With a large land base and conscientious balance between biology and chemistry in agronomy, the Millenkamp operation follows best practices in farming. They implement responsible crop rotation and nutrient management to both support their agribusinesses and emphasize water reclamation and land stewardship.

Feedlot & Cow-Calf Operation

Replacement dairy cattle, steers, and the cow-calf operation are additional revenue streams that increase the synergy and infrastructure of the feedlot and adjoining properties. Unparalleled cow care is at the forefront of each of the cattle groups in the Millenkamp organization. Their mantra: “Take good care of the cows and the cows will take good care of you.”

Custom Harvest & Trucking

The Millenkamps insisted every piece of their business is done right. Which is why they invested with a partner to build a feed harvest operation to ensure the cattle receive the best quality food. Farming approximately 10,000 acres of their own irrigated land, the crop harvest operation swaths, rakes, merges, chops, hauls, and stores approximately 20,000 acres of alfalfa, corn, triticale silage, and 30,000 one-ton bales of hay and straw annually. The trucking operation supports all aspects of the Millenkamp operation, hauling feed and delivering up to 100,000 calves to and from the ranch each year.