Economic Impact

After more than a decade of sharp growth, Idaho is now the fourth largest milk-producing state in the country. Idaho’s dairies currently support more than 39,000 jobs across the state, making them one of Idaho’s largest economic drivers.


Millenkamp leads the industry in Idaho and supported by 400 employees. It’s one of the largest employers based out of Jerome County, Idaho.

Commitment To Education

Just as the Millenkamps and their employees are focused on learning and continually improving, they see their role in the community to support the education of our children and the future of the industry.


From facility tours to a custom internship program, they find ways to share their vision and teach all who are interested in deepening their understanding of agriculture.

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Facility Tours

The facilities showcase the Millenkamp commitment to industry innovation, sustainable practices, and advanced technologies. The agribusiness offers customized tours to businesses, schools, and thought leaders to see inside the operation and learn more about the industry.

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