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Integrated Agribusiness

Bill and Susie Millenkamp run one agribusiness made up of five complementary divisions.

As a private, family-run business, the Millenkamp’s have built a multi-faceted operation, strategically positioned near the Pacific Northwest and they are one of the largest employers based out of Jerome County, Idaho.

The Millenkamp operations are supported by 360 employees and manage 100,000 head of cattle, producing over one million pounds of milk daily. Bill’s expectation of excellence extends to Millenkamp employees as each enjoys a safe, clean and orderly work environment where effective communication, innovation and safety is the expectation, not a goal.

An entrepreneurial spirit driven by a “work hard-work smart” mentality, an ongoing attitude of optimism while making calculated risks, and a love for business and cows has certainly contributed to defining “Millenkamp.”

Idaho Jersey Girls

Upon the completion of their dairy facility in 2015, Millenkamp finished phase one of a five-year 40,000 head dairy development plan. Utilizing programmable logic control technology, robotics and state-of-the-art heat recovery technology, they began operating two rotary milking parlors that milk 212 cows at a time, 22 hours a day. The remaining two hours are devoted to a complete cleaning of the milking centers and sanitizing of the milking equipment to maintain the highest standards of hygiene. Milk Barn #1 milks 15,000 cows two times daily, shipping approximately 1,000,000 pounds of milk every day.

The operation focuses on Jersey and Jersey crossbreeds to produce the high protein, high fat milk desired by dairy processors.

In August 2015, the milking center was completed and includes:

Proud member of the Idaho Dairymen’s Association.

Calf Ranch

In 1996, Bill and Susie Millenkamp purchased a house on forty acres and with their personal experiences related to raising calves, accepted the challenge and forged ahead. The calf ranch started with just seven calves.

Today the calf ranch is made up of several hundred acres, takes in 250 calves a day and is home to approximately 30,000 calves. Their exponential growth, supported by their “work hard-work smart” philosophy and dedication to the animals and 210 employees, is a testimony to why the Millenkamp family is considered one of the premier dairy-calf raisers in the United States.

A first-time visitor once remarked to Bill about the impeccable cleanliness and order present at the calf ranch—Bill responded by saying, “This calf ranch is a nursery, we are raising babies; it simply cannot be done right any other way.”

The Millenkamp calf ranch operation includes: