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Cutting Edge Facilities

Millenkamp Cattle LLC in Jerome is considered one of the finest, most technologically advanced calf ranches in America. Calves arrive every day, starting at a day old, from dozens of loyal customers and stay as long as seven months.

Raising newborn calves, as Bill points out, “is one of the hardest things you can do,” and the Millenkamps have made it their life’s work. In addition to finely tuned instincts (a “sixth sense” about calves), they’ve developed cutting-edge processes, a state-of-the-art milk mixing center, and the highest standards of sanitation, health monitoring and care. The painstaking attention to detail has resulted in industry-leading performance.

In addition to the primary calf raising facility, the Millenkamps operate dairies in the Magic Valley. They also own the 11,000-acre East Valley farm and feed lot near Malta in Cassia County. Much like their facilities in Jerome, the East Valley facility upholds the highest health and hygiene standards in the industry. The Millenkamps understand that maintaining such standards produce the healthiest cows and therefore the best milk and the best beef.

Built in 2008, the East Valley facility is so well maintained; first-time visitors sometimes mistake it for being brand new. Visitors note exceptionally clean pens and grounds, a well-organized and highly efficient layout, scenic isolation, and a focus on worker and animal safety and welfare. The East Valley site also boasts a unique, high-tech mill for precise and efficient feeding.